Zynx 2.1


Backup photos etc from phone to computer by a single click or a scheduled sync.

Backups your new photos, videos and other files from your phone to a shared directory within your home network. By a single click or scheduled to copy once a day. No server side software is necessary.

This is an easy way to always have a backup of your photos, videos and other files.

All you have to do is to to share a directory on your computer with write permissions.

On Windows: Right click on a folder and select Share with. Select Homegroup (Read/Write). Thats it! You can also right click on the folder, select Properties. Go to the sharing tab and enable sharing with write permission. Try windows help and search for "share folder" if you can't figure this out.

On Mac: Select the meny Help > Mac help. Search for Samba. This will give you an easy to follow guide how to share a folder on your MAC.

On Linux: Right click the folder you wish to share and select Sharing Options on the popup menu. Check "Share this folder" and "Allow other people to write in this folder". You may receive a message which says Sharing services are not installed. If this happens, press Install services to downloaded and install sharing support. This may differ on different types of Linux.

Once you have a shared folder on your computer you setup Zynx with the computer name or IP-adress, the name of your shared folder, the username and password for your computer and what time of the day Zynx shall run when scheduled.

Zynx keeps track of what photos/videos/files have been copied and only copies the new ones. If you don't wont to schedule a sync you can use the Copy button to copy the new files.

The video and photo copy uses androids media provider and copies all located files flat to the destination folders. If you want to copy and keep a directory structure, use the advanced settings and specify the directories yourself. This will keep the directory structure.

The application uses the CIFS/SMB networking protocol implemented by jCIFS (licensed under LGPL).

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